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Pre-Retirement - Planning My Future


Participants will gain an understanding of the implications of retirement on personal life, social life, recreation, work, estate, and finances as a basis for retirement decision planning.


This workshop will cover topics such as:


- retirement goals

- financial planning

- pension plans: understanding benefits and when to retire

- lifestyle changes

- legal estate planning

- health, ageing, and well-being in retirement

- accommodation planning



Makimautiksat Youth Wellness and Empowerment Camp Facilitator Training

The Makimautiksat Youth Wellness and Empowerment Camp is a camp program, for youth ages 8-13, developed by Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre. The program is designed to be a 10-day land and community-based camp, or 8-16 week after school program, focusing on fostering wellness, positive Inuit identity, community building and skill building. The idea is that it builds protective factors for youth who attend the camp. This training is hands-on and interactive. Each trainee will leave the training with the skills, planning and framework to run Makimautiksat in their community.