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Job Evaluation Coordinator

This employment opportunity is open to all applicants.

Located in the headquarters of the Department of Human Resources and reporting to the Manager, Job Evaluation, this position provides all job evaluation related program and service support to divisional staff. This includes being responsible for all the organization of the office and provision of business administrative and secretarial support to the Manager and staff of the Unit that handle all job evaluation requests for the Government of Nunavut (GN).

Makimautiksat Youth Wellness and Empowerment Camp Facilitator Training

The Makimautiksat Youth Wellness and Empowerment Camp is a camp program, for youth ages 8-13, developed by Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre. The program is designed to be a 10-day land and community-based camp, or 8-16 week after school program, focusing on fostering wellness, positive Inuit identity, community building and skill building. The idea is that it builds protective factors for youth who attend the camp. This training is hands-on and interactive. Each trainee will leave the training with the skills, planning and framework to run Makimautiksat in their community.

Employee Orientation


The Department of Human Resources is pleased to offer an Employee Orientation workshop which focuses on:

- History of Nunavut - Introduction to the Government of Nunavut

- Sivumuaqatigiit Programs: Mentorship, Sivuliqtiksat, etc.

- Worker's Safety & Compensation

- Nunavut Employees Union

- Pay & Benefits


- Employee Relations

- Risk Management and more