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Work Smarter, Not Harder - POSTPONED




This 1-day workshop will examine the key factors that influence workload management and steps that can be taken toward improving productivity. The central theme is how to achieve - and maintain - a work/life balance.


Topics will include:

- the psychology of workload management

- strategies to deal with procrastination

- the key elements of effectiveness and efficiency

- factors that negatively impact workload management

- setting and managing priorities

- managing stress

Employee & Cultural Orientation - Arviat NEW DATES


The Department of Human Resources is pleased to offer a 2-day Employee and Cultural Orientation workshop.

The first day focuses on:

•History of Nunavut
•Introduction to the Government of Nunavut
•Public Service Training Programs/Courses
•Workplace Wellness
•Pay & Benefits
•Employee Relations
•Return to Work
•IQ - Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit

The second day focuses on:

•Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit Guiding Principles
•Traditional Knowledge
•Traditional Responsibilities
•Relationship to Environment

Managing Skills for Non-Managers 1 & 2



Managing Skills 1

Learn how to inspire, influence, and motivate people to accomplish important goals - when you have no formal direct reporting authority over them. Managing people when they don't report to you can be tough. How do you deliver feedback? How do you hold people accountable? How do you keep them on track? How do you arrrive at concensus? How do you mediate conflict? In this highly interactive and practical workshop, you'll get the skills and knowledge you need to help work colleagues perform at their best.

Communicating for Results - NEW DATE



The ability to communicate effectively at work and in life is, perhaps, the most critical skill for anyone. Those who have demonstrated an ability to effectively communicate are more likely to receive promotions and job offers.


Effective communication allows you to use all the other skills you have to the fullest. Your success motivating, delegating, organizing, solving problems, and obtaining information depends heavily on your ability to communicate with others.


Leadership for Team Leaders & Supervisors



This is a workshop that will give you the opportunity to examine your own leadership style and its impact on your present ability to influence others.


Content will include things such as:

-the evolution of management and leadership

-skills and traits of effective leaders

-self-assessment of leadership model

-obtaining team emplowerment, terms of reference, and mandate

-the role of personal power and influence in leadership conflict resolution





The Department of Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs (EIA) is pleased to offer an Employee Orientation workshop which focuses on:

- History of Nunavut

- Introduction to the Government of Nunavut

- Sivumuaqatigiit Programs: Mentorship, Sivuliqtiksat, etc…

- Worker’s Safety & Compensation

- Nunavut Employees Union

- Pay & Benefits


- Employee Relations

- Risk Management and more...


The cultural orientation portion of this workshop will focus on:

Time Management & Priorities



This workshop will help all those  who have ever thought, "Where did the time go? Why didn't I get everything done today?" This is a common problem. By managing time better, productivity increases.


The first step is knowing yourself, your work habits, your obstacles, and your productive periods. This course will help you identify these and create a customized plan for you.