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Strategic Resources Planning Advisor

Naunaitkutap Nampaa: 
Qanurittumik Havaaqaqtuq: 
Havaktiit Ikayuktiuvinggat: 
Una havaaghaq ilauyuq talvani Nunavutmi Havaktiit Ikayurtingitni
$ 92,196.00 per annum, 37.5 hour/week
Ukiuqtaqtumiutat Akiliuhianggannut Ikayuutit: 
$ 15,016.00 per annum
Ikayurutiqaqtumik havaktimun iglughalik
Closing Date: 
Aktuupa 27, 2017

This is a Highly Sensitive Position and a satisfactory Criminal Record Check, along with a clear Vulnerable Sector Check is required.

This employment opportunity is open to all applicants.

Reporting to the Manager, Planning, Reporting, & Evaluation (Manager); the Strategic Resource Planning Advisor (Advisor) is responsible for monitoring and assessing the Department’s resourcing needs in order to strengthen program and service delivery and departmental operations. The Advisor works to identify resource gaps in departmental programs, services, and operations; and makes recommendations on the allocation of resources to enhance the education system and yield the greatest return-on-investments. The Advisor actively contributes to achieving these objectives by analysing the availability and distribution of the Department’s resource with a view to maximizing the effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of the Department’s programs, services, and operations.

The Advisor will be participating in the Department’s strategic planning activities by understanding the Department’s vision, objectives, priorities, proposed activities and by providing expertise on resourcing requirements to achieve those future objectives, and priorities. The incumbent will also provide feedback on existing operational needs given results from needs assessments and best practices on research carried-out on comparable departments across Canada and elsewhere. The Advisor will be responsible for producing the annual and other ad hoc reports, Briefing Notes when requested. And. The Advisor will also ensure that any projects managed remain within budget and are completed within allotted time. The incumbent will actively participating in committees and representing the Division at meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences dealing with matters pertaining to the effective resourcing for education programming, services.

The ideal candidate has the knowledge for understanding the system of Education in Nunavut and its strategic challenge. Furthermore, the advisor should have the working knowledge to understand the Department’s philosophy, educational principles, beliefs, and pedagogy. Project management skills, managing multiple projects, whilst meeting deadlines, adhering to budgets, and providing timely analysis of project progress is desired for this position. In addition to this, the incumbent must have the ability to produce informative and usable reports to support organizational change and must be able to analyze both qualitative and quantitative data using appropriate methods.

The set of skills, knowledge, experience, and abilities required to successfully respond to the requirements of this position would normally be acquired through a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, or related a field. The ideal candidate has 3 years of experience in resource planning. Equivalencies that consist of an acceptable combination of education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities may be considered.

A Master’s degree and experience in the Nunavut education system would be seen as an asset. Fluency in more than one of Nunavut’s official languages and knowledge of Inuit language, communities, culture, land and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit are also assets.

  • Nunavut Kavamatkut havagumayut pipkainikkut taungnatqiyaqaqtumik havaktinik taimaatut nakuutqiyamik qauyimayaangani kivgaqlugillu ihariaginiit Nunavunmiut. Hivulliuluaqtittiniaqtait Nunavut Nunatarnikkut Angirutimi Ikayurutiqaqtun.
  • Uuktuqtut naunaittiaqtaghaa pittaarutimiknik piyaamiknik hivulliuluaqtitinikkut ihumaginirmi ataani Nunavut Hivulliulluaqtughat Havaaghaqtittinikkut Maligaghami.
  • Havakniit ilanginni havaani pitquhimayut nakuuyumik ihuinaarhimanikkut ihivriuqnirmik. Pihimaniq ihiunaaqpakhimanikkut ihivriurutimik taimaaqtitaulimaittungnarhiyuq uuktuqtunik ihumagiyaunirnin.
  • Havaakkut tukihitjutait piyauttaaqtut kayumikkukkut, qaritauyakkut uvaniluunniit qaritauyakkuurutaanin.
  • Taapkuanginniat uuktuqtut piyauhimayut havaktighaqhiuqnirmut uqaqatigiyauniaqtut.