Arts Development Program

A new group of arts programs will offer assistance to artists, arts organizations, schools and summer camps as well as fund music production. In addition to this positive news for Nunavut artists, the Government of Nunavut is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Canada Council for the Arts to provide professional Nunavut artists access to travel contributions.

Artists and arts organizations can apply for funding under nine activities:

ActivityEligible Costs

Assistance for artists to travel

  • Return airfare to final destination
  • Accommodation
  • Travel insurance costs

Assistance for the recording and production of music with dedicated funding for Inuit language music

  • Studio recording time
  • Recording costs
  • Mixing
  • Editing
  • Travel to a recording studio including airfare and accommodation

Marketing and promotional projects for artists and their artwork

  • Development of a website
  • Development of promotional items (business cards, brochures, tent cards, information sheets, portfolios)
  • Table fees (sector specific trade show)
  • Other marketing activities that are identified by the artist as beneficial and approved by the review committee

 Artistic Innovation

  • Pilot projects that demonstrate imagination and may not fit into existing funding categories

Shared studios to create safe and affordable workplaces

  • One-time costs associated with renovations, construction, or safety upgrades

Arts training and/or workshops in Nunavut by arts organizations

  • Travel, accommodation, per diem and salary costs for instructors
  • Raw materials and art supplies for workshop
  • Equipment rental for workshop

Marketing support

  • Design and printing costs
  • Hiring someone to create a promotional website
  • Shipping costs for marketing materials

Arts education opportunities for young people

  • Raw materials necessary for instruction (for example, carving stone, fabric, ink, paper)
  • Transportation, accommodation and per diem expenses for the instructor(s)
  • Instructor salary costs
  • Space rental

Purchase of raw materials, art supplies and equipment

  • Tools and equipment: files, grinders, sewing machines, needles, brushes, microphones, musical instruments, cameras, etc.
  • Safety equipment: masks, gloves, harnesses, ventilation systems, etc.
  • Raw materials: stone, fabric, paper, paint, pencils, felt, thread, skins and fur
  • Other materials, supplies, and equipment as proposed by the applicant and approved by the review committee

To apply fill out the Arts Development Program Application Form

Also check out the:
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