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How can I get on the NNI business registry?

Eligibility for the NNI business registry is determined by the Regional Qualification Committee on a case-by-case basis; however five main points apply:

  • 51% of the voting share of a business must be beneficially owned by Nunavummiut (Nunavut Residents).
  • Majority control of the company must be held by Nunavummiut.
  • A Nunavut Business must undertake the majority of its management and administrative functions related to its Nunavut operations in Nunavut
  • A Nunavut Business must maintain a registered office in Nunavut
  • A Nunavut Business must maintain a Resident Manager capable of undertaking all aspects of the management of the Nunavut operations (this requirement may be waived by the GN in the case of a newly appointed Resident Manager)

Note: a Nunavut based business must receive designation as a Nunavut Business two weeks prior to the closing of a RFP or tender, in order to receive the adjustment.

* An Inuit Firm does not have this requirement. (An Inuit firm registered the day of closing still qualifies for the applicable Inuit Business status adjustments.)

For more information and to get on the NNI business registry please contact the NNI Secretariat at 1-888-975-5999 or