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Nunavut Emergency Management


About Us

Nunavut Emergency Management is responsible for the Emergency Measures Organization and the support of Search and Rescue operations throughout Nunavut. 

Emergency Management Organization

The Emergency Management Organization (EMO) provides overall advice, guidance, and ensures compliance with mandatory Territorial and Federal legislation and policy regarding Emergency Management. The EMO is responsible for Emergency Preparedness plans and provides assistance to Nunavut communities in creating their own plans.

Emergency Measures Act 


Search and Rescue Program

Nunavut Emergency Services works to enhance community-based search and rescue (SAR) capability and preparedness across Nunavut. The SAR Program provides training to Search and Rescue Organizations and assisting with equipment and communications systems.

Community Based Search and Rescue Contributions Policy
Community Search and Rescue Organization Support Policy


Emergency Search and Rescue Funding

Nunavut Emergency Services assists communities and qualified organizations through providing emergency search and rescue contribution funding.


Contact Us: 

Nunavut Emergency Management
Department Community and Government Services
Government of Nunavut
P.O. Box 1000 Station 700
Iqaluit, Nunavut
X0A 0H0
Fax: (867) 979-4221

Emergency Measures 24 Hour TOLL FREE: 1-800-693-1666
Emergency Services Response 24 Hours: 1-867-979-6262

Director of Nunavut Emergency Services
Ed Zebedee
Phone: (867) 975-5448


Manager, Emergency Preparedness
Steven Baillie
Phone: (867) 975-5403


Manager, Response & Recovery
Brenda Panipakoocho
Phone: (867) 975-5322


Telecommunication Systems Technologist
Benjaman Westwell
Phone: (867) 975-5321